Who, what, when, where, and why

What is web analytics? How can it develop your business?
A cutting edging expertise, web analytics involves the study of website traffic and visitor behavior for improving performance of a website.
Visitors come to your website to find detailed information, be entertain or find a information product  or service. Are they successful in completing that?
Are you getting enough traffic but little conversions?
Have you noticed that visitors are just browsing your website and leaving without completing the purchasing of your products or services?
Are you frustrated with the low conversions?
Our Web analytics team shows you where your website traffic is coming from, how visitors are using your website, and most significantly, what you can do to improve your website’s performance. This information allows you to track the ROI of campaigns and web efficiency, then fine-tune your search engine marketing to increase online revenues and lesser costs.
How does Web Analytics help you? 

  • Web Analytics helps improve your:
  • Fulfillment rates for shopping cart purchases
  • Generating increased online sales
  • Membership and newsletter registrations
  • Ability to launch effective marketing campaigns
  • Rate of return on new campaigns
  • Google Analytics Setup & Support

Want help to properly setup Google Analytics codes on your website?
Google Analytics is one of the best enterprise class analytical tool to track and analyze website data and statistics. It is free and is fully integrated with Google AdWords PPC.
Setting up the right sets of analytics codes on a website requires advanced knowledge of Google Analytics and an understanding of the business needs. Even though it is fairly simple to open an account on Google Analytics, it require expert knowledge to put advanced codes and google tag manager code filters for accurate business data – data which could help take real business decisions.
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