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E- Mail Marketing

We at RankOnDigital help setup your website to gather relevant email addresses of people that get in touch with you via web forms. These can be those filling in a form to request a quote, download a brochure or buy a product for example.

When these forms are completed we can setup your website to gather these email addresses in our email marketing system and even group them into different categories.

Directly approach your potential customers with targeted email campaigns – Email has been around for years, but smartphones and tablets have given the medium a whole new lease of life.

Send emails that your customers will want to read

Express audit email marketing  Express audit – is the fastest way to identify the critical issues in the field of email marketing and identify ways to address them.

The audit strategy email marketing audit strategy for email marketing – is an opportunity to identify weaknesses in existing policies that hinder the achievement of the main objectives, as well as a great opportunity to adjust the policy of contacts, optimize existing campaigns specific to your business and the characteristics of your subscriber base.

Development of strategy building the subscriber base strategy of increasing subscriber base – a clear plan of action, based on the best international practices, the individual incentive programs, as well as tools and services, individually tailored to the specifics of your business.

A comprehensive audit of email marketing
a comprehensive audit – a deep study of indicators of email marketing and subscriber base, determine its potential. A comprehensive audit is the basis for developing a strategy email marketing, communication and policy action matrix for loyalty marketing.

Develop strategies email marketing
strategy email marketing – is individually designed plan of interaction with subscribers, aimed at achieving the main objectives and business goals of your company, based on a clearly elaborated policy of contacts with subscribers, which allows not only to increase loyalty, retain or revive the customers, but also significantly increase ROI.

Support strategy email marketing
support strategy for email marketing – a professional management of all processes in the implementation of the strategy of email marketing (guidelines for creating layouts, setting up campaigns, monitoring, statistics collection, reporting, analysis and correction plans exit campaigns).

Template letters
Our experts do not just create a unique layout letter or landing page – we create an effective working tool that allows 2-3 times to increase the conversion rates of the campaign.